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Sleeping bags for babies
19 Mar 2018

Research has shown that the benefits of using a safe baby sleeping bag include:

  • they reduce the risk of bedclothes covering baby’s face
  • they delay baby rolling onto the tummy during sleep until baby’s past the age of peak risk of SIDS and other causes of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy
  • they promote back sleeping as the zipper opens to the front
  • they will keep baby’s temperature at a more constant level while sleeping

Sleeping bags may reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy (including SIDS).

A safe sleeping bag is made in such a way that the baby cannot slip inside the bag and become completely covered. Sleeping bags can prevent legs from dangling out of the cot rails.  Babies in sleeping bags can be positioned anywhere in the cot if no extra bedding is used. 

A safe sleeping bag

A safe baby sleeping bag is constructed in such a way that the baby cannot slip inside the bag and become completely covered.

The sleeping bag should be the correct size for the baby with a fitted neck, armholes (or sleeves) and no hood.

When using a sleeping bag

  • Ensure that baby is dressed according to the room temperature. In cool climates, dress baby in layers of clothing within the sleeping bag.
  • If additional warmth is needed, use a single, lightweight blanket over the sleeping bag, ensuring baby’s feet are at the end of the mattress and the blanket can only reach as far as baby’s chest and is tucked in firmly so it cannot ride up and cover baby’s head during sleep.

Before changing from wrapping to a sleeping bag you might like to start by wrapping your baby with arms out: this may help with the change.

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