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Fruit and vegetables for young children

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Fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals for good health. They have no artificial colours or flavours. Eating a variety of fruit and vegetables every day can help prevent overweight and obesity, and constipation.

The earlier in life this habit starts the more benefits there will be later!

To find out more 

Have a look at a pamphlet developed by the Nutrition Department of the Women's and Children's Hospital, South Australia

By the time your child goes to Kindergarten they need around 1-2 serves of fruit and 2-4 serves of vegetables every day.

Try to include some fruit and vegetables every day from when your baby starts solids so that by the time your child goes to Kindergarten they enjoy a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

  • most babies are ready to eat fruit and vegetables by around six months old.
  • Try to include many different types and colours of fruits and vegetables to get a wide range of vitamins and minerals!

What about juice? 

It is better for your child to eat fruit and vegetables rather than drink fruit juice. Limit juice to half a cup a day (125ml). Too much can lead to tooth decay and overweight. Avoid fruit drinks as they have added sugars. Water is the best drink for children

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